Have any of your products ever been tested on animals?
No, none of our products or any of their ingredients have been tested on animals.

How long does Per Lei Lash Serum last?
About 4–6 months.

What are some of the active ingredients in your products?
Peptides, green tea, hyaluronic acid and phantenol.

Do any of your products contain prostaglandins?
No, none of our products contain prostaglandins.

My lashes are dry and brittle, what is the best way to treat them?
Strengthen your lashes using our unique Keratin Mascara. For an improved and more rapid effect, you can try combining it with our Lash Serum.

I'm allergic to gluten, can I still use your products?

What if I want a no makeup look, but still want to highlight my lashes?
Then we recommend using our Keratin Mascara. It nourishes and moisturizes your lashes while providing a natural-looking mascara effect without smudging.

I like to work out, is your mascara waterproof?
Our mascara is not waterproof, but if you are looking for a smudge-free, invigorated look during workout, we do recommend our unique Keratin Mascara.

Can I sleep with your products?
You can sleep with the Keratin Mascara and Lash Serum; it is, in fact, recommended.

Will I lose lashes by using your products?
You lose lashes daily. The growth cycle means that your lashes are replaced naturally and continuously, which is completely normal. The products themselves will not cause you to lose lashes. On the contrary, they will strengthen, moisturize and nurture your lashes in the long term as well as in the short term.

I am hypersensitive to all products; can I use yours?
If you are hypersensitive, you should find out if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in our products. The ingredients are listed in detail on our product pages and in our lists of ingredients. If you are still uncertain, you are always welcome to contact Jacklin at Scientific and Education.

I've had an allergic reaction, what should I do?
In case of an allergic reaction, immediately stop using the product and consult a medical professional. Also, please report this to us at info@perleisweden.com.

How do I tint my lashes without using hydrogen peroxide?
Walnut extract will naturally strengthen your lashes' pigment when uses daily.

How long does the mascara last?
At least six months from opening the product. To make it last longer, remember to always put the lid back on after using the mascara.

When to use Keratin Mascara – all day every day?
You can use it 1–2 times a day. Also feel free to use this mascara as a primer under your other mascara.

Can I use the products while pregnant?
As no studies have been performed on pregnant or breastfeeding women, no results have been established. However, pregnant or breastfeeding women have been able to use our products without issues. We always recommend talking to your doctor when in doubt.

How should I store the products?
Store them at room temperature and in a dry environment. Always remember to seal the product container properly.

How long until I see the effects when using the serum?
This varies individually. You may notice an improvement to your lashes already within 4–6 weeks or in some cases after about 8 weeks of regular use.

Can I become a reseller?
You are welcome to contact Jacklin with any business-related inquiries.