Eyebrows and lashes are kinda our thing!

Tips and tricks on how to apply our Brow Lift 

  • The number one step is product prep. Remove excess product from the applicator by flicking the tip against the top of the formula container.
  • Start by brushing and stroking the brows downwards to work the formula onto the brow.
  • Let the formula dry for a minute, then flick the brush and start brushing the hair upwards, in their growth direction.
  • When brushing the hair upwards you will separate the hair stands preventing them from covering each other. The Result? It will look like you have bushier brows as they will appear thicker.
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Tips & tricks when styling your eyebrows

Tip no. 1

Before applying any type of brow product, start by putting some loose setting powder onto your brows. This will help the product set a lot better onto the hair. Make sure to use a dry sponge when applying the powder.

Tip no. 2

Clean up the area over your brows when you have applied the setting powder and brush your brows downwards. Grab your Tweezer and start to pluck the tiny hairs above your brow, finishing off with a razor to take away the ones you missed. This way the result will look even more smooth.

Tip no. 3

Work in the formula of the product before you start to shape your brows. One way of doing this is to brush the hair downwards, another way is to run the brush through the opposite direction of the hair, starting from the tail working your way to your inner corner.

Tip no. 4

After you have worked the formula into your brows let it dry for a few seconds and then start to create your desired shape. In this way the formula will have time to get a little sticky and the styling will be effortless.

Tip no. 5

For a more fuller look, do tip no. 4 multiple times. Coating your brows will make it more easy to create the ”feather” look.

Before and after using our Brow Lift Brown on bleached brows!

Benefits of using Keratin

Keratin is a protein that is naturally found in our hair that gives our strands strength and resiliency. It’s ideal if you want to care for or grow out your natural lashes. Thanks to its unique formula that is developed to protect and moisturise dry lashes and eyebrows. There are more pros of using our Keratin Mascara than mentioned above. By using this mascara on your lashes it enhances volume, and they will appear thicker and more pigmented, with a glossy finish! 

Nicki using our Keratin Mascara

To sum it up for you

Perfume-free - suitable for sensitive eyes. 

Can be used when you sleep, which guarantees that your lashes are properly taken care of, both during day and night. For the same reason, you can also wear it during exercise or swimming without worrying about it getting messy. 

Also works great under other mascaras. 

Nourishes and protects. 

Gives a naturally voluminous look.