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Per Lei’s Brow Lift is a revolutionary eyebrow wax perfect for both shaping and defining your eyebrows according to your exact wishes. It has a unique tapered comb with a flat back for an easy application. The formula is a mixture of strengthening and caring ingredients and works even on the thickest and most difficult brow hairs that otherwise are difficult to tame. At first, the formula is white but quickly becomes transparent when you work on the product.

Real people - Real results

’’One of the absolute best brow-product that I have tried! It really sets my brows in place. It is very easy to apply and it shapes my brows from the first stroke with the brush” - Hannah

’’It is so easy to work with and you get result fast. The formula is light and not to sticky but I am still able to get that fully shape on my brows that I like’’ - Rita

’’ I really like the spoolie, it is shaped as a comb and with this it is really easy to style the brows. I like the flat back that I use to press my brows to get that brow lift effect’’ - Miriam

’’Brow Lift Clear is my go-to product when it comes to styling my eyebrows. The products gives my brows the lift I desire and it lasts all day. What makes this brow product unique is that the final result feels soft and doesn't become stiff in the formula, which I love!" - Lina


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